About zefen services

Welcome to Zefen.com—a platform for African music fans, artists, and venues to converge on the ultimate music discovery. We have created a system (developed after exhaustive, long-term research) in which artists receive payments based on the number of likes and views received and that are at much higher royalty rates than the main competitors in our field. We want to ensure that content creators not only get credit by way of exposure but also are fairly compensated financially. We have explored and developed based on advanced methods of sharing music online, driving online traffic for new artists, and benefiting content creators.

In this digital age, it is easier than ever before to discover new music, and we want to extend the same technological advances to content created in Africa. Zefen understands the effort that musicians put into creating their art, and we know how hard it can be to find an audience, which is where we want to extend our support.

Based in New York City, Zefen is fueled by a passion for music and a desire to push great new artists to the audience they deserve. Whether you’re an avid music fan, blossoming artist, or a venue, we provide a platform for creativity and success that can be shared by all.

Ultimately, we want to provide talented, unique artists with the tools they need to share their audio and visual content with an ever-expanding worldwide audience.

Zefen allows for broad, international exposure for new music, but we also allow the sorting of artists by region and country. Our listings of bands, albums, venues, and content make it easy for artists to reach out to venues and vice versa. This service allows creators to gain traffic through digital awareness and book gigs in certain communities and territories that they would otherwise struggle to break into.

With so much to discover and so many ways to contribute, being a part of the Zefen community is a richly rewarding experience! Join us today if you haven’t already.

by Zefen.com October 13, 2016